“Shelly helped me discover and recall a trauma I had totally forgotten about since about the age of 7 or 8. I had no conscious awareness of, but I have been carrying guilt and shame from this event, that I can see now having impacted so many of my relationships that followed.
Upon its remembering, and through her work integrating it by some divine magic of her touch, shared energy, coughing ☺ and verbal guidance, I felt all of the necessary moments of healing and transformation.
I realized, as a 7 year old, that the guilt and shame were not for me to carry. That I have unconsciously carrying, and I’m doing so I gave a piece of myself away in that process that wasn’t for me to give.
I experienced the shame and guilt that had been stored in my body all along and I had been unaware of.
During the process of remembering and feeling, anger followed, connected to knowing it wasn’t my fault. Expressing the emotion then gave me the acceptance of the circumstance, and the forgiveness.
Forgiveness for the person this involved and her part in it. Acceptance of her innocence, despite being twice my age. Most importantly, forgiveness for myself for carrying that for so long, for taking on her feelings, her trauma, for not knowing my own power back then. Forgiveness for how much this event connected to many future events of my life and how they unfolded with this unhealed, and how, in the not knowing, I can forgive myself and others for what followed.
Full acceptance and love for the gifts of finding the depths of a crack that needed to see the light. The truth in knowing we all have something really special inside of us, and it connects to the whole thing, to everything, Oneness. Through Shelly’s guidance, I transcended into a hidden place and found that I already knew what I was looking for.
I cannot recommend a session with her highly enough. I feel so grateful to have found a missing key to my own personal puzzle.
I would encourage people considering time with Shelly, to be ready to continue to work and integrate what comes up after your time with her. It’s a safe space and I felt like I could go there with her, anywhere really.
On the other side of it though, I’m grateful I have the time and energy in my life to make sure I properly respect what I learned and healed from, so I can safely and positively rub this off on the people I touch from here.
To Shelly, thank you from the depths of my subconscious mind AND from the entirety of my ever growing heart.
I am so grateful for you.”