“Dear Kerry and Shelly,

I am very proud that I did attended October retreat with Shelly.

This was just what the doctor ordered to say.

I had just finished doing a 122km walk on the Camino in Spain long fight and walked in the door and Shelly picked up straight away that I came with a heavy heart and this is exactly what is happening in my life, especially as I have a very ill husband and it does break my heart seeing him going through his journey.

My journey started the next morning with yoga, and then sessions with Shelly over the next few days, with massages on some afternoons, and on the last day to the temple, which is an exceptional experience.

My experiences with Shelly has been over many years now, and I have seen how much she has grown in her amazing abilities and talents.

And it was me who had a major shift and transformation. My body had quite a few energy blockages and with Shelly’s intuitive knowledge she was able to help release a lot of this energy, physical, mental and especially emotional.

The power of Shelly working alongside of Mangku at the Besakih Temple, well words cannot describe these experiences. I feel so lucky and blessed.

For since returning home, life seems more in flow and more synchronicity. Thank you ?

I myself cannot wait until I can come again. In just a few short days how you can remove so much stuff stuck in your energy and energy fields is phenomenal.

All staff are very helpful and are always there to please, so to all thank you.

I even had a go at surfing ? which I really didn’t consciously want to do, but I gave it a go, as I do in life and maybe next time I will be able to stand up on the surf board, so out of my comfort zone.

I am so happy and grateful for being at this retreat, and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants change in their life.
Sometimes not always the change we want, but for our souls growth, and there is some pain to attain gain.

Many blessings and gratitude from my heart ❤️
Thank you.”