"I went into the retreat not knowing really what to expect. I had had numerous sessions with Shelley before, but I quickly realised that I was going to experience a lot more at the retreat.
It was the first time that I had gone beyond the confines of a one on one session to a group environment and I quickly learnt how I had been defending myself during these one on one sessions.

To work with other people and share the experience together provided a great insight into my own process, what was limiting me and what I could do to immerse myself more fully.
I was astounded at the deep levels that others quickly went to and in time I experienced my own new levels. I discovered aspects of myself that I had never even been aware of before and I doubt I could have achieved without guidance and help.

I now share a connection with the other participants of an experience that is difficult to explain, profound and lasting. To experience the broken parts of yourselves and others, stand together and work through to the other side leaves you in awe at the potential within those around you and within yourself.

The program was a great mix of work, fun and time for relaxation and contemplation. It was not rushed although elements of it were intense. I didn’t leave the retreat fixed. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have strong sense of knowing and an underlying calm that seems impartial to the turmoil of everyday life.

It is difficult to explain to people what happened, I think that only those who were there could fully appreciate it, but I do know that I am very glad I went and I would go again.

For anyone that is considering the retreat but has been on the fence I would say take the plunge, have the courage to immerse yourself in the process and trust in the outcome.

As I walked down from the final session at the temple I recall saying “I think the universe just shifted” and so it was that things would never be quite as they were again"

- Unknown, January 2017

"Dear Kerry and Shelly ,
I am very proud that I did attended October retreat with Shelly,
This was just what the doctor ordered to say.
I had just finished doing a 122km walk on the Camino in Spain long fight and walked in the door and Shelly picked up straight away that I came with a heavy heart and this is exactly what is happening in my life, especially as I have a very ill husband and it does break my heart seeing him going threw his journey .
My journey started the next morning yoga and then sessions with Shelly over the next few days with massages on some afternoons and the on the last day to the temple which is a exceptional experience.
My experiences with Shelly has been over many years now and I have seen how much she has grown in her amazing abilities and talents.
And it was me who had a major shift and transformation , my body had quite a few energy blockages and with Shelly’s intuitive knowledge she was able to help release a lot of this energy ,physical,mental and especially emotional .
The power of Shelly working alongside of Mangku at the Besakih Temple well words cannot describe these experiences ,I feel so lucky and blessed .
For since returning home,life seems more in flow and more synchronicity . Thank you 😊
I myself cannot wait until I can come again ,in just a few short days how you can remove so much stuff stuck in your energy and energy fields is pronominal .
All staff are very helpful and are always there to please so to all thank you .
I even had a go at surfing 🏄 which I really didn’t couscous want to do but I gave it a go and I do in life and maybe next time I will be able to stand up on the surf board . So out of my comfort zone.
I am so happy and grateful for being at this retreat and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants change in there life ,sometimes not always the change we want but for our souls growth ,and there is some pain to attain gain .
Many blessings and gratitude from my heart ❤️
Thank you"

- RS, October 2016

"A friend once said to me he was just waiting to die and that he felt this life was just a stepping stone to his next life. I remember thinking how sad that was and not being able to understand it.
That was until I found myself thinking the same way.
When my sister invited me to join her at Shelley’s retreat I must admit I was struggling to justify spending that kind of money. Another retreat to “find myself” seemed futile. Experience proved that finding Me was proving to be harder than finding Nemo! I went because a series of misfortune meant that 1, I was able to afford it and 2, I was not currently working.
I believe now that those ‘misfortunes’ were indeed the Universe’s way of ensuring I didn’t miss out! With a completely holistic and nurturing approach Shelley and her amazing team were able to start cracking through my barriers. Unless you have experienced one of Shelley’s retreats it is so very hard to describe. Set in a very spiritual and calm environment, myself and the other four participants began our retreat. Each person had their own journey and therefore had a different experience. I feel we were all destined to be together, because the therapy (especially the laughter) and support amongst ourselves only enhanced the work we were doing with Shelley. I loved that the retreat was a combination of therapies that complimented each other to achieve amazing results. For me, however, it is just the start of my journey and it is a journey I intend to continue. I have had so many moments of clarity and realisation since my return home. I feel I finally have some direction. I don’t know exactly what I will end up doing or when, but I know where I’m heading….and for me that is worth every cent I spent and more!! The value on that type of calm is priceless. It turns out finding Me is proving to be as just as adventurous and rewarding as finding Nemo!
To Shelley and her team, and to my fellow retreats buddies…….
Thank You"

- DP, July 2016

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Shelly for all of your help and healing support during my retreat in July 2014.

The experience was perfect in every way. I am so very grateful to have met you last September and that the Universe supported us coming together again.

I feel different in a really amazing way and am finding little adjustments in my life which help enable me to continue to support the positive changes from the emotional layers released. A couple of obvious ways it has presented itself in my life back home is a change in my addictive behaviors … I had fallen into a habit of drinking a glass or two of wine most nights and was smoking on and off (mostly on!). Since returning from the retreat, I have replaced my wine with lemon in warm water and no craving (mental, emotional or physical) for cigarettes. I think, for me, there is a deeper sense of love for myself in some way.

I am also feeling that ‘big love’ is mine. That my true love is looking for me and will present himself in a lovely and surprising way which warms my heart!

Meanwhile, on my work front, I am gaining more and more courage every day to take the leap of faith and create a new program and role for myself which I believe contributes to the value and authentic connection people feel in their work systems.

Every day on the retreat, following our healing sessions and before I went to sleep at night, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of how lucky I was to be in that space. So very lucky to have had the healing experiences and be surrounded by the care of yourself and all of your beautiful team who have added such a very special part to my story.

Thank you so very much and much love to you all. I hope you are smiling in life and love."

- Veronica xo, July 2014

"Shelly Towns’ work room does not have designer furniture, cushions, objects or works of art; it is not air conditioned; and the dreaded roller lurks against the wall… and yet I love this place. It is sacred and it is safe. It is a place of sanctuary and discovery, a place where I come home to me. And while I am there, this room is mine. There are no expectations on me to be one way or another. Whatever I do or say, I am met with the constancy of Shelly’s love, her extraordinary capacity to perform the work she does, and always an acceptance of whichever part of me shows up on the day. Sessions with Shelly are an invitation to do my work, to see things differently, to understand more fully, to heal, and to love. It is up to me which invitations I accept and how much I am willing to participate. And wherever I am willing to go, Shelly unflinchingly goes with me. So precious is this place and this woman, so vital is this time and this work for my healing and understanding, for my spirit and my sanity, that I do not think of it in terms of any cost or inconvenience or hardship. It is simply a must in my life. I would unhesitatingly get myself there were I ever in need – no matter from where, no matter how much it cost. I know the feeling of the love and the healing, and of coming ever closer to the truth of who I really am, in every cell of my being. Shelly’s calm certainty and the space she makes for me in her heart as well as her room have made it possible to deal with crises in my life in ways which have caused no harm to myself or others and which have left me with a much more open heart and a lot less emotional pain. The most profound gift of working with Shelly is knowing that I am the mistress of creating safe and sacred space for myself and others. To speak my truth and keep my heart open is my purpose – whatever, whenever, whoever. Thank you, room! Thank you, Shelly!"

- Kerry Nazzari, June 2013

"I have been a client of ShellyTowns since February 2001. Through regular work with Shelly, I have experienced first hand her expertise, her dedication to my personal evolution and her heartfelt connection to the universal energy.

My background in education, business and management kept me in my head for most of my life; unaware of the patterns that kept me separate from others and more importantly from myself. The crisis resulting from the breakdown of a significant relationship 13 years ago was the catalyst for the search for myself. I read many self-help books, engaged with various ‘new age’ practices, enquired into other religious philosophies and tried psychological counselling. After all this, I found my behaviour patterns inherently remained unchanged; rendering these approaches minimally effective. Life patterns were simply repeating themselves.

I then came upon Bodymind Psychotherapy and a gifted body-worker and therapist – Shelly Towns. She has helped me open up my own life force by penetrating blocks I held in my body and hence my psyche. The most amazing results for me have been a deeper knowledge of myself, a more authentic connection with the people in my life and a growing, heart relationship with the universal energy of God. Once I connected to my own energy, I could start to connect with that of everyone around me. This has been a most precious gift to myself. I feel more deeply. I can now connect with people from a real place (not an ego place) and I see life from a new vista.

I can attest to the skills, compassion and huge commitment that describeShellyTowns. Her tireless dedication to my life’s journey through our process work together, is testimony to who she is as a person, a leader and a healer. I would highly recommend Shelly’s work, which is supported by her integrity as a person and her amazing capacity to hold a space for those she heals. She has been a gift to my life’s journey."

- Deborah Cumming, February 2012

"Shelly Towns has a gift.

And not just the gift of being a beautiful person with true leadership qualities, or the inspiring role model of a strong independent, empowered and yet gentle, giving and compassionate woman.

Her gift is an innate, God – given, divinely inspired ability to heal others with her deep muscle bodywork and body psychotherapy. And I know this because I have been lucky enough to have had extensive personal “hands on” experience of her gift and how it has transformed my life.

I started seeing Shelly sporadically from the beginning of 1999, but when I began to see the wonderful healing occurring from her sessions, I began to see her regularly, on her once – monthly visits up to Perth.

She holds an amazingly sacred space in her workroom; a feeling of peace and safety that can actually be “felt” when you step into the room, and it is a testament to her integrity, love and the presence of God, Spirit, divinity in her work.

When things aren’t flowing in my life, Shelly has been able to pin – point with divinely inspired accuracy what and where my energy is blocked and held in my body, energy that has been suppressed from certain childhood traumas and/or experiences, and through her bodywork has been able to release the pain, fear, anger and suppressed emotions, freeing me from the negative effects of those traumas and experiences for ever.

Her ability to perceive and move this blocked energy in my body and energy field and to release it, enabling it to flow back through my body, has had amazingly profound and healing effects in my life and in my ability to love and connect with other people. Each session leaves me feeling lighter, freer, and more happier and more in touch with who I am as a person, why I have come here, and what I have to give to the world as well.

After visiting Albany in Novemeber1999 and also over the new year, and having more frequent sessions with Shelly in that time, and in attending one of her profound and inspiring bi – monthly Energetic discussion evenings, I began to realise intuitively that it would be of great benefit to my healing if I actually moved to Albany for a period of time and saw Shelly on a more frequent basis – i.e. weekly or fortnightly.

When a friend “coincidentally” needed her house in Albany looked after for a few months while travelling overseas, I didn’t hesitate and moved down to Albany. And it has been amazing. The healing has compounded with the more frequent sessions and I almost feel like a different person to the one that came down to Albany only a few short months ago.

I can’t put into words just how grateful and graced I feel in knowing Shelly and in being able to experience the gift of her healing hands and presence over the last year, both of which have helped to release my pain, have brought back joy and love into my life and have led me to become a whole, happy and functioning individual once again.

An individual who has transformed with the help of Shelly’s “gift”, from a shy, introverted, fearful, closed and rigid person, to a much more loving, open, giving, trusting and physically and emotionally free and expressive being. A being that can make her dreams become a reality – dreams that were once seen as just that; as “dreams”. I am becoming free at last. Free to be what I always wanted to be. Free to be me.

And in being free to be me, I am now finally giving to the world my own special “gift”; my singing. So it is not just me that my sessions with Shelly has affected. For, with the snowball effect of what my healing can give to others, and what all her other clients’ healing can give, Shelly’s work is reaching out into the community, eventually even out into the world, helping to make all our lives and this world a happier, joyful and more loving place for everyone to live in.

Thank you, Shelly."

- Unknown,